Nightmares Haunted House is located in north BENTONVILLE, ARKANSAS.


I have been to a number of haunted houses over the years.  This one even exceeds the fantastic one in San Diego.  I can't say enough good about the Nightmares Haunted House here in Bentonville.  It is so professionally done!  It is a must see.

Don L.

Such an amazing haunted house. The special effects were absolutely amazing! The bus ride was so ingenious. I felt like I was at Universal studios! The 3D portion was very cool and everyone working it did such an incredible job. We want to go back again!!!
Stacey S

This is put together so well. And the fact that all the proceeds are donated back to our local community is awesome. All the actors are volunteers and they do an incredible job. We enjoy going and it seriously gets better every year. The bus ride this year was off the chain!!! BRAVO!!
Stephanie H

Great family fun , and the proceeds go back to the community . It’s not cheesy it’s scary and unique. We had a family group of eight combined from Missouri to Arkansas the youngest was six and the oldest 46 and everyone had a great time ! PS The t-shirts are super cool too!
Charity C

The bus was a very original and fun! The beginning area where you run through the screaming characters and the loud rock music was a great way to start! Loved how sometimes they let only 2 of us go through some rooms. Love the 3D rooms! Will be back thank you!
Carressa E

Wow, such a good time. The bus ride is amazing and 3D area beats every other haunted house around!!

Jennifer P


Can't say enough about Jeff and the folks down at Nightmares Haunted House. They treated my family and I like royalty last night and I don't know how to say thank you enough.   See, I'm a Disabled Veteran and wasn't sure about going through the house. But I figured I could handle the bus ride which is a big feature in itself. My wife contacted them to see about just riding the bus and what it would cost. What I got was that and a whole lot more!  She was told to get me there and they would take care of everything. And they certainly did...

First off, Jeff came to pick me up in the parking lot in a golf cart. I have trouble walking and have to use a cane. He also carried my wife and grandson to the ticket area. Then, as we waited for the rest of the family to show up, he introduced me to other veterans working there. Come to find out, veterans keep giving...  My family was treated to VIP status and given special seating. They were given instructions. They were treated like royalty. And they made me feel like a king and the most special person ever. 

When the family went through the house (I opted to forgo that part) Jeff took me to the Control Room and I got to watch them as they went through. I saw every crazy scream. I saw every jump. I even got to see my daughter get turned around and start going the wrong way lolll!

The folks down at Nightmares really pull out all the stops and know how to put together the best show around. And, that bus ride? Totally the bomb!!   Do yourself a favor and get your whole family, school sports team, work buddies, fellow students, heck, just grab people from everywhere and take them down there. The proceeds go to support the Bentonville Breakfast Lions Club and in turn go to help local children. It's all good!!

Jeff, if you see this, thanks again for a very, very special evening. And I will be talking to you again!! Thanks for everything!! 

Scott B

Another GREAT reason that Nightmares will make my personal national Top 10 List this year. Actually will definitely make my top 3 nationally. Thank you for taking such great care of our veterans!!

Tom M

I went there tonight was awesome they did a great job. the bus was the. bomb I would definitely recommend going here!!  

Sandy C

Went there tonight and had the best time! By far the best in NWA! From the beginning with the bus ride all the way to the end! The actors were spot on & scared the heck out of us! The 3D was amazing! Really enjoyed the bus ride! We thought the 13th Floor in Denver, CO was the best, this ranks right up there with them! Good job Lions Club & all the volunteers for putting this on for a good cause! Enjoyed every minute! 

Paul Mary B

It was amazing. The best haunted house ever, 45 minutes long. It is a must see.  

Inger N

This was seriously awesome! We laughed. We cried. We screamed and feared for our lives. This is definitely the best haunted house I’ve ever been to. We look forward to it all year long.  

Christina P

Wow!!! I was in town from Texas and love haunted houses which we visit all over the U.S. so made a point to visit! Wow! My wife did # 1 I was afraid she might do #2!!! Better then the ones in Houston and I’ve been to them all! Fee is right, great long thrill and best of all its all for charity! Thank you for a great experience and a lot of FUN!  Tom M

This was awesome and lasted a while. So many different experiences as you walk through. It rained while we were there, but that only added to the creepiness! Loved it!!  

Regina B

The bus and the white-out room were my favorites. I expected actors to jump out at me throughout, but getting turned around and "trapped" in a room so bright and full of smoke was actually scary for me. I haven't laughed like I did last night in a long time. It was so fun!

As a side note, I worked at Universal about ten years ago, including Halloween Horror Nights, and production-wise Nightmares ranks with some of my favorites from HHN.

Deanna W

Loved it no other haunted house has a bus ride!!!! Dunno what they are paying the driver but he needs a raise!!! I will be back!!! 

Timothy G

We had a private party in the community room last weekend. Chris and his team did an amazing job letting the group ride the bus and do the haunted house with a greatly reduced crew. The night was a blast, the scares just enough, and the community room is perfect for events with 40-50 people. Thanks for allowing us to be your first event like this! 

Julie G

This was by far the best I’ve been to. We went to 2 last night and this was the last one. What a way to end the night. Between the bus ride and being scared out of my mind, it was incredible. Plus all the detail and hard work that went into this is astonishing. 

Lauren G